Beechcraft King Air B200 Is a Twin-engine Turboprop fixed wing aircraft with two Pratt & Whitney PT6A-42 engines and four blade propellers. It is the next level model of B200 with bigger dimensions and performance keeping all the fundamental characteristics of Beechcraft C90 it is regarded to be the most cost efficient pressurized turboprop at its category for distance missions, even though its maximum range is 1,580 nm (app. 2,900km ) with a maximum speed of 290kn at the max altitude of 35,000 ft. It is a glass cockpit aircraft armed with the latest technologies of communication and Navigation equipment for IFR (day and night) missions. Its short runway capabilities makes it Ideal for small airports that Jet aircraft can not land. It is used either to cover distances that exceed helicopters and C90 capabilities and/or cost efficiency or for Night Operations.

  • Origin: United Stated of America
  • Manufacturer: TEXTRON – Beechcraft
  • Configuration: Leather seats
  • Crew : 2 pilots
  • Capacity : 7 Passengers
  • Cruising speed: 283 knots
  • Engine types : 2X Pratt & Whitney PT6A-42

Maximum Range
1.720 nm

Maximum Cruise Speed
280 knots / 520 km/s

Maximum Occupants

Takeoff Distance
2.111 ft

Useful Load
3.760 lbs


Simple and Sophisticated

The legendary comfort of the King Air turboprop square-oval interior offers generous head and shoulder room, unmatched by conventional cabin cross sections. The King Air 200 turboprop interior is furnished with finely crafted seats that are able to laterally track, swivel and recline.

Take Control with Advanced Technology

The B200 turboprop standard IS&S THRUSTSENSE Autothrottle system reduces pilot workload through all phases of flight and features protections for engine over-temp and over-torque scenarios.

Now including digital pressurization controlled through the Flight Management System, cabin pressure manual control is a thing of the past.

This latest edition also features standard multi-scan weather radar providing fully automated, optimal scans showing short, mid, and far ranging weather.

The B200 turboprop features optional SiriusXM weather adding greater capability to areas outside the continental U.S., including Canada and Puerto Rico.

Standard Features

  • IS&S THRUSTSENSE Autothrottle System
  • Digital Pressurization
  • Collins Aerospace Pro Line Fusion Avionics Suite
  • Three 14-inch touchscreen displays
  • Synthetic Vision
  • Graphical Flight Planning
  • Engine Indicating and Crew Alerting System (EICAS)
  • Dual Flight Management System (FMS)
  • Multi-scan Weather Radar System (WXR)
  • Integrated Terrain Awareness and Warning System (iTAWS)
  • Traffic Alert and Collision Avoidance (TCAS I)
  • Automatic Flight Guidance System (AFGS)
  • Dual Navigation and Communication Radios


Higher Standards

Length 43 ft 10 in (13.4 m)
Height 14 ft 10 in (4.5 m)
Wingspan 57 ft 11 in (17.65 m)
Wing Area 310 sq ft (28.8 sq m)
Wheelbase 14 ft 11 in (4.55 m)
Tread 17 ft 2 in (5.23 m)
Cabin Interior
 – Height 57 in (1.4m)
 – Width 54 in (1.37 m)
 – Length 16 ft 8 in (5.1 m)
Baggage Capacity
 – Weight 550 lb (249 kg)
 – Volume 55.3 cu ft (1.57 cu m)

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