CEO Message

Dear Friends,

welcome to the world of AIR INTERSALONIKA H.A.T.T.C.S.A.!

Our main goal is to build with you a relationship based on trust and stability. AIR INTERSALONIKA H.A.T.T.C.S.A.’s administrative stuff has set the bar high and, along with a highly skilled and qualified personnel, aims to provide the best possible services at the most affordable cost, ensuring that each and every flight will be a pleasant and memorable experience.

We all are tirelessly and responsibly working for you, 24/7, night and day, always on alert and ready to provide you with our services, whenever and wherever you wish us to.

Fly with AIR INTERSALONIKA H.A.T.T.C.S.A. and become acquainted with the true meaning of excellent customer service, safety, discretion and a business relationship based on trust. Our flights are prestigious and mirror the respect we direct toward you and we feel like all of our clients deserve.

We are expecting you!
With kind regards,

Melas Gianniotis, President of AIR INTERSALONIKA H.A.T.T.C.S.A.