Bechcraft King Air B200 Is a Twin-engine Turboprop fixed wing aircraft with two Pratt & Whitney PT6A-42 engines and four blade propellers. It is the next level model of C90 with bigger dimensions and performance keeping all the foundamental characteristics of C90 it is regarded to be the most cost efficient pressurized turboprop at its category for distance missions, even though its maximum range is 1,580 nm (app. 2,900km ) with a maximum speed of 290kn at the max altitude of 35,000 ft. It is a glass cockpit aircraft armed with the latest technologies of communication and Navigation equipment for IFR (day and night) missions. Its short runway capabilities makes it Ideal for small airports that Jet aircrafts can not land. It is used either to cover distances that exceed helicopters and C90 capabilities and/or cost efficiency or for Night Operations.

The Bechcraft Super King Air B200 can be fully modified in a very short time for the medical transportation of one (1) medically stabilized patient providing also up to five (5) persons as medical crew and/or escort

  • Origin: United Stated of America
  • Manufacturer: TEXTRON – Beechcraft
  • Configuration: Leather seats
  • Crew : 2 pilots
  • Capacity : 1 patient up to 5 Passengers
  • Cruising speed: 283 knots
  • Engine types : 2X Pratt & Whitney PT6A-42


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