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In the Thessaly valley, Kalampaka is a city surrounded by the rocks of Meteora.

Meteora in Greece is known all over the world for the natural beauty of the rocks and for the monasteries which are perched high on the cliffs.

The word Meteora translates into “suspended in the air” which is an accurate description.

Τhese huge rocks were created by erosion of rains and earthquakes 60 millions years ago during the Early Period. On those rocks many ascetics found a refuge for a quiet place to pray.

Meteora is one of the largest Greek Orthodox monastic complexes second in importance after to Mouth Athos in Chalkidiki.

Out of the thirty monasteries that were founded throughout the centuries, only six of them are active today (Megalo Meteoro, Varlaam Monastery, Rousanou Monastery, Holy Trinity Monastery, St. Nikolaos Monastery and St. Stephen’s Monastery).

Kalampaka  is the main town of Meteora and has a population of only about 12,000 residents.
Due to the economic importance of tourism there are a generous number of hotels with great view, cafes, restaurants, souvenirs shops and traditional items to buy such as leather sandals, embroidered fabrics and hand painted icons.

Kastraki is a small, picturesque village  with made stone houses just 2 kilometers away from Kalampaka. It is built into a hillside below two gigantic rocks. Feeling the quietness, the traditional way of living closer to the nature are some advantages of this village. Kastraki has a plenty of restaurants which you have the opportunity to try some local products such as quality meat, a variety of home made pies, feta cheese, yogurt, wine.

The ideal way to explore Meteora’s beauty is by hiking from monastery to monastery. If you wish any organized tour – there are local guides ready to help with the hiking adventures, cultural tours, local accommodation and more.

You can reach to Kalampaka by bus or by train from Athens. Travelling by train or bus it’s a long ride about 4,5-5 hours. Alternative you have the opportunity to reach at Kalampaka by a private helicopter charter. The flight time from Athens to Kalampaka with helicopter is approximately 90 minutes.

You can also book a sightseeing tour to experience the amazing view of the monasteries from above.

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