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The southernmost island of the Aegean Sea

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The Greek island of Kasos is the most southerly of the Dodecanese group of islands. It is situated between the islands of Karpathos and Crete and belongs administratively at Karpathos province. It is very small island just about 65 sq. km. It has five main villages Fry, Agia Marina, Panagia, Poli, and Arvanitochori. Fry is the capital and home to the island’s harbor, Agia Marina is most populous village which is the largest one, the Arvanitochori and Poli village, which are the oldest ones. Panagia is over the old harbor of Emporium. Its tallest crest is called Prionas and has a 601 m. height.The island has temperate and healthy climate all year round.

It is an island with an ancient historical background. During the Minoan and Mycenean era Kassos was already inhabited. In the Middle Ages it was conquered by the Turks and the Venetians (1911-1944). Those days, the island had 12.000 inhabitants and a huge amount of merchant ships. It was incredibly rich. The people of Kassos were the first that declared the Independence of the Greek War in 1821.

Nowadays, the official population of the island is approximately 1000 people and the  main source of income comes from commercial maritime activities, agricultural, stock farming, fishing, beekeeping, and the tourism.

The tourism is under development but with a gradual growth rate. Accommodation on the island incorporates small hotel units, traditional guest rooms and bungalow that every year increase in numbers. You can also, find many small restaurants, snack bars and coffee shops.

A lot of ‘hire a car services’ and a sufficient road network, gives the visitor access to all sites of the island. In the mountains of Kassos the explorer can find rare wildflowers and birds but also beautiful monasteries such as Ag. Mammas and Ag. Georgios which are built in the back side of the island.

Walking down the alleys and narrow streets of the villages one admires a mixture of whitewashed houses with yards and gardens, the rich houses of the merchandisers which are decorated not only with lavish and rare objects but also with magnificent knitting and embroidery handmade art products.

Visit, Emporium (the old port) with lots of beautiful old stone houses and the church of “Virgin Mary’s Nativity”, other churches that must be visited is Ag. Spyridon and Ag. Anna.

An impressive characteristic of the isle’s architecture is the 100 small and large churches with very tall belfries in between the houses throughout the island.

There is a variety of small, large, stiff rocky, sandy beaches to match every taste. The beach of Ag. Konstantinos and the beach of Fri are pebbled, and well organized (as in Emporium with taverns, pastry shop etc.)

In the area of Antiperatou, if you’re looking for peace of mind there are four lovely beaches in a row with colorful pebbles that are receiving not as many swimmers or visitors. The Ammoua beach on the west side and the Helatrou beach (a natural port) are protected from the winds but for kite-surfers or windsurfers can do surfing on its open sea.

Of course, not omitted to mention the excellent beaches on the islands near Kassos, on which someone can go by a small boat, such as the island of Armathia. The Armathia beach is one of the most beautiful Mediterranean beaches with a magnificent view.

Kassos can be reached by ferry from Piraeus twice a week but also from Crete (Siteia, Aghios Nikolaos), Rhodes, Halki and Karpathos. A ferry can take up to 15 hours travel time.

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