Ios, Io or Nio is a Cycladic island of southern Greece in the Aegean Sea.  An island with a rich mythological background and an amazing picturesque.
The island took its name from the greek name of flower violet.  The capital city is named Chora. It is said to be the birthplace of Homer’s mother. Ios is a versatile destination!

Landscape comprises the classical cycladic architecture with the tiny whitewashed houses, white small churches with blue painted roofs, narrow cobblestone backstreets, sharp and rocky crags, famous windmills (the only island with so many windmills gathered in one area. Three of them are renovated and fully operational) and many fascinating pristine beaches with crystal-clear blue waters.  There are around 20 of them, and to name a few such us Mylopotas, Maganari, Gialos, Koubara, Kalamos, Plakoto, Cape Karatzas, Diamoudia, Kambaki, Neraki, Plakes, Tripiti, Tzamaria, Valmas.

Mylopotas Beach in Ios is next to Chora.  The most visited beach of the island, where you can enjoy the crystalline waters and the white sand of the Aegean Sea. Βoat riding on a speed boat or explore underwater life by snorkeling are a couple of activities you can take advantage of. An amazing beach club, the number one spot to party, is found in this beach as well as in Gialos and Maganari beaches.  If you prefer quiet beaches head for Agia Theodoti, Koumpara, and Psathi beaches.

The lovers of history will find here the first Cycladic Settlement of Skarkos. You will learn about the structure of the settlement or discover the ancient burial customs that employed.  By visiting Skarkos, you get in touch with th e history of Greece and have a feel of ancient lifestyles of its people.  Skarkos is home to sites that interest both the avid explorer and those travelling in a more relaxed manner.  Findings of that place are exhibited at the Archaeological Museum of Ios where one can see that Ios was a fully developed socially and culturally area.

Paraglide or flyover the island of Ios by chopper give the enthusiasts the opportunity to experience amazing views and sights in between its shores.  One thing you must not miss doing in Ios is hike the Ios’ back country, more so if traversing the shepherd paths through the rocky terrain up to Pyrgos, which is the islands highest point.  You can also hike to the old monastery of Agios loannis.  Hiking is also a way to feel and understand the islands ancient mythology and history while reminiscing what the people back in time must have experienced when exploring their native land.

Evangelismos Cathedral is another great site for taking iconic photographs, thanks to its blue and white roofs.  The picturesque white bell tower of “Panayia Gremiotissa” is an excellent location for capturing  images of the Island and enjoy a romantic sunset.  Throughout the year, various festivals take place on both churches, so check the calendar for a festival of your choice before you travel.

Interested in culture?  There is a number of events happening on the island. The most famous one is the Homerian, a tribute to Homer the ancient Greek poet of Iliad and Odyssey.  This festival is dated from 1991 and takes place every May.  Do not forget to visit Homer’s grave, at the settlement of Plakoto in the north part of Ios.

The large, open-air amphitheatre of the island is named after “Odysseus Elytis” the famous Greek Nobelist poet.  Recently build, it is styled much like after ancient Greek theatres, and is a fantastic place to attend many cultural, festivals events, performances and musical concerts that occur on the island.  Another place to visit is the almost cyclopean dimensions walls of Ios ancient city in the north-western part of Chora.

With local cultivated products and herbs a lot of different and tasteful gastronomical experiences are offered to the visitors.  Delightful gourmet and domestic meals and sweets are made of local meat, dairy, vegetables, herbs, honey etc.

When ready to go places, Ios island can be reached best from Santorini, Naxos, Heraklion (Crete island) by air and by sea or directly from Athens International airport (Eleutherios Venizelos) hiring out a charter helicopter flight as well as from port of Piraeus with ferries and catamarans.